Sunday, December 13, 2009

Base Training: Week 2 Recap

Total Distance: 15 miles


Winter has been late to arrive this year, and I'm definitely not complaining. However, when the temperatures did finally start to drop last week, I was caught a little off guard. So when the winds picked up, I figured it was time to make a trip to MEC and stock up on some winter running gear. I got an insulated vest to wear as a midlayer on moderately cold days, and an insulated but thin hooded jacket to wear as a midlayer on very cold days. And I figured that on VERY very cold days I can wear them both together. (Or more likely, just run indoors.) I almost bought a balaclava too, but I figured that if it's -40 degrees, I will need more than the excitement of looking like a bank robber to get me outside.

New running clothes definitely give me a little motivational boost. Of course, this can become an expensive strategy if you use it too often, but I really was in need of some items to help extend my running season into the winter. Plus, there is something very satisfying about creating your own little microclimate to combat the cold weather.

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